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Lina Brown Young and Marc Moscato

Welcome to John Young's Original: Celebrating Buffalo's Wing King

John Young's Original, founded by Lina Brown-Young, John Young's daughter, and tour company owner Marc Moscato, aims to honor Buffalo's original Wing King and his famous mumbo sauce. Marc and Lina met in 2020, through a fortuitous connection made from a story that aired on WKBW.

marc and lina
Celebrating the Buffalo Wing: A Tour is Born

They began to collaborate on a tour exploring the hidden history of chicken wings in Buffalo. Marc took visitors to some of the city's well-known wing establishments, while Lina served up her father's legendary mumbo wings – a recipe that had been largely unavailable for more than two decades.

Mumbo Resurgence: From Tours to National Recognition

The collaboration gained momentum with a full-page comic in the New York Times by Rachel Wharton and Koren Shadmi (who would go on to illustrate our logo). Soon after, the story gained recognition in a Vice documentary and through features in USA Today, Food Network, and the History Channel. The spotlight on Buffalo's original Wing King extended beyond Buffalo, capturing the attention of audiences nationwide.

Sauce Company: Collaboration and Recognition

After three years of guiding tours together, Marc and Lina decided to embark on a new chapter in celebrating the legacy of John Young: keeping alive John Young's memory by bottling the sauce. This milestone ensures that John Young's famous mumbo sauce is not just a part of history but a recipe available to everyone. A sauce that stands the test of time, bringing the authentic taste of Buffalo to households far and wide.

Bottling the Legacy: The Future is Bright

Join us at John Young's Original as we continue to celebrate the man behind the wings, preserving his legacy through flavors that have become synonymous with Buffalo's culinary heritage.